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I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!

Being a Health Coach means I get to mentor beautiful people like you to reach your goals! My aim is to empower you to create & maintain long-term changes to make you feel & look better, inside & out!

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when trying to make a change to your everyday routines. Perhaps you know what you want, but it all seems so far away and overwhelming when you try to break it down!

Well, this is where a health coach comes in very useful indeed! Sometimes it makes a world of difference to have somebody who is not personally involved in your life to help you figure out the next step forward.

And then the next step and the next… And so on..

How can a Health Coach help Me?

As a health coach, I work with you to understand your needs, wants and of course, your current lifestyle. I will then offer you some personalised wellness strategies to help you shift your limiting beliefs. Of course we love using a growth mindset here! I always make sure to take things step by step, so that we don’t fall into that terrible pattern of overwhelm and becoming stuck! The most important thing here is that your plan works for you and around your life!

Whilst we are working together, I aim to guide and support your goals & habit changes in small bite-sized steps in order to help you to improve your life & start living the way you want! I know what it’s like to fall over again and again – I’ve been there myself in the past! It was one of the many reasons I decided to learn these strategies and help others to overcome the same hurdles I did.

You will see that smaller changes over a longer time period is the way forward in attaining long-term change. It is possible and you too can have that happier, healthier life that always felt so out of reach! I will be there with you to cheer you on, offer support and guidance and ultimately make sure that you reach every milestone you set yourself.

How do you help your clients to success?

The support I provide is bio-individual and concentrated around health-promoting behaviors. I like to focus on incorporating primary and whole foods into your diet, one plate at a time, in a way that suits you and doesn’t overwhelm.

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In the Integrative Nutrition coaching world, “Primary foods” refers not just to the food on your plate. Having healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career & a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When these “primary foods” are balanced and satiating, your life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. The end goal or result is to making what you eat come secondary. 

So, a large part of our work together focuses on finding a meaningful spiritual practice that suits you. Defining what your purposeful career is & integrating enjoyable physical activity on a regular basis, whilst nurturing relationships that feed your soul.

And all this with the beautiful support of the Essential Oils, Reiki and CBD that I also offer, should you choose to integrate these!

Are YOU ready to start living your best life?

Get in touch via email & we can see if we’re a good fit to work together!

Thank you for stopping by my Sacred Space, where Health & Healing come together as one.